We are The Honest Butcher. We proudly use the best British pork and lamb and
place high levels of animal welfare at the heart of everything we do.

Fundamental to us here at The Honest Butcher is that you are safe in the knowledge that our
pigs and lambs are happy. We believe happy pigs and lambs means a more flavoursome and
tasty product for you to enjoy.



Our Pigs

All our British pigs are born outdoors in the countryside before moving to light, airy, straw-bedded barns with all the care they need, by farmers who we trust.

Each one of our British, outdoor bred pigs has a lot more space than the industry standard, and we make sure they have free access to fresh straw, allowing them the freedom to create a comfy, warm bed.

Our Lambs

Our happy lambs are all reared outside on the lush green pastures of our great British countryside.

We always source our lambs direct from friendly farmers we trust who give their lambs all the care they need. They’re often seen frolicking and racing in the sunshine – showing just how happy they are!

Our Products

All of our products are made using only prime cuts of British pork and lamb, and are perfect
for any quick mid-week meal.


Traditionally peppery flavour, made with prime cuts of British outdoor bred pork to make succulent sausages perfect for any occasion.
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Our expert butchers use their skills to create beautiful cuts of lamb that are quick and easy to cook, perfect for any day of the week.
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